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Natures wrath, tornados


Tornado Storm Weather Thunderstorm ForecasA Tornado is a violent, churning maelstrom of spinning winds sometimes filled with debris which destroys everything in its path. They’re one of the most violent and unpredictable forces in nature that can often strike without warning carrying innocent individuals by complete surprise. Continue reading this article for more information.

Tornadoes do occur in many regions of the world but they’re found most frequently in the spring and summer months over the Central Plains of the USA. In a normal year eight hundred tornadoes are reported here resulting in eighty deaths and almost fifteen hundred injuries.

These super mobile thunder storms are triggered by a unique blend of cold air from the north, warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico from the south and dry air from the desert south-west. Sustained by powerful winds these ingredients can form super cell thunderstorms that can produce tornadoes.

The Fujita Scale for tornadoes was invented in 1971. It’s a scale for rating tornado intensity based on the damage they inflict on structures and vegetation. The scale reads as follows:

F0 Light
F1 Moderate
F2 Substantial
F3 Severe
F4 Devastating
F5 Annihilating

Some of the most recent records of tornadoes include:

May 3, 1999 ‘The Moore Oklahoma City F5’. This tornado grew for a mile wide spinning at 300 miles traveling a distance of over 35 miles for 40 minutes. This tornado caused more than one billion dollars damage. Thirty six people lost their lives and five hundred and eighty three people were hurt.

July 24, 2003 ‘The Manchester Wedge’. It was on the floor for 20 minutes and ravaged the town of Manchester, South Dakota. A wedge tornado is where the distance throughout the tornado is larger than the distance to the cloud base from the floor. They may touch down as the slender funneled tornado and sustained by storms usually of 200 mph stir up dirt and dust enlarging the base width.

This tornado was 200 yards wide and travelled 2 kilometers. It was the worst of a number of tornadoes to hit Kansas was that year.

November 12, 2005 ‘The Woodward Tornado’. It caused considerable damage to a number of communities.

Tornadoes follow along a path determined by the storms cell itself. If it undergoes a change in direction you must have the time to make adjustments accordingly. It’s the unpredictability of tornadoes that make them deadly forces of nature. If you must ask’how close is too close?’

How can one survive a tornado? Experts concur that taking shelter under an overpass affords almost no protection and it may be one of the worst decisions you may make. The reason is that the higher you move up a tornado, the greater the wind speed. By ascending to the girders of the overpass there’s more risk here of a wind tunnel sucking or blowing you out of the overpass.

It is the debris in tornadoes like wood metal and glass travelling at 200 mph which causes fatalities and shreds structures in their path. Seek shelter indoors in the lowest level rather a basement. If outside however, take cover in a low area such as a ditch.

The threat of tornadoes will always be present and the only way to make ourselves less vulnerable to tornadoes is to create a storm shelter in our dwelling. If you do nothing to enhance the construction of your house, you will have no security at all.

The unpredictability of tornadoes can surprise even the most experienced storm chasers and the most educated meteorologists. These specialists spend months trying to chase down these elusive twisters but all too often tornadoes touch down where people least expect them to strike. No amount of study will render tornadoes totally predictable. There are so many environmental variables that come into play. It’s therefore extremely challenging to have the ability to alert the public to the threat of a tornado.

A tornado warning is an alert issued by climate services to inform areas that a tornado or funnel cloud has been spotted or their radar show indications of a possible tornado. Warnings are issued by TV, radio and sirens. It’s the hope of every weather forecaster that the public are taking heed of the data being supplied to them.

Boa constrictor food

Emperor Snake Red Tailed Boa Boa Snake Boa

They are extremely big, with males measuring 6 to 8 ft and females measuring 8 to 10 feed.

There are lots of factors to take into account when feeding boa constrictors in captivity.

The dimensions of your boa will determine size and type of prey it can absorb. Young boas should eat infant or small young rats, or rabbits, while full-grown boas can consume huge rats, little cows and compact rabbits that are frozen particularly for the purpose of feeding wildlife in captivity. check that the size of the prey is not any bigger than the widest point of the boa’s midsection.

Never feed your boa live food as it might cause your snake to become competitive. In addition, the prey may escape or harm your boa. Never feed your snake crazy animals. Wild animals may carry bacteria or parasites. Simply feed your snake prey which were raised in sterile surroundings and fed organic diets which guarantee your pet won’t get contaminated with bacteria or parasites.

Prey animals are suspended when you get them. Dangle the prey before the snake with tongs. To maintain your boa from inadvertently consuming substrate from its habitat, it is suggested that you transfer your boa into another container when feeding.

Massive boas (6 months old and older) can graduate into pre-killed adult mice, rats, chicks and finally rabbits (1-2 times per month.) Remember do not feed prey that is larger than the broadest portion of the snake.

The size of the prey is obviously significant, but the frequency of feeding is just as important. You need to present your boa enough time to properly digest every meal prior to attempting to feed it . This works out to a feeding program to each 7 to 12 days.

Proper feeding your boa constrictor is quite important. Bear in mind, be sure not to feed prey that is too big for your snake as it might choke.



Tomatoes, Trusses, Bush Tomatoes

Why do you eat berries?

Because it makes my soup look mild and taste great.

That’s the reply most women we ask the above question gave until we let them see more valid reasons why they ought to eat tomatoes. They have been eating tomatoes only because they were brought up to do so.

Are you among them?
If you answer ‘Yes’ or’No’ continue reading and you will see legitimate reasons why we should eat berries.

Although not all types of cancer such as breast, colorectal, prostate and stomach cancer. This is due to lutein, zeaxanthin and the high level of lycopene which is a natural antioxidant that have the ability to fight cancer causing cells.

2. Tomatoes are good for your heart
Tomatoes lowers blood pressure and reduces cholesterol level because of its Vitamin B and potassium. It also prevent life threatening heart problems such as high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

3. Improve your vision
Macular degeneration can be prevented using lutein, lycopene and zeaxanthin.

4. Fight inflammation
Quercetin and kaempferol are two major flavonoids in tomato skin, that have the ability to counter inflammation.

5. Makes hair healthier
The look and feel of your hair can be improved by drinking lemon juice. Tomato juice revitalize hair growth and fortify tufts of hair.

Carnitine is an amino acid that has the ability to increase the capacity for the body to burn fat by about 30%.

7. Fights constipation
When you consume foods that are high in water and fiber content you’ll have regular bowel movement and you’ll be well hydrated this fighting constipation. Tomatoes are high in fibre and water content.


Calories 18
Water 95%
Protein 0.9 g
g 1.2 g
Fat 0.2 g

Squirrel Poop .4g
Saturated 0.03 g
Carbs 3.9 g
Sugar 2.6 grams
Monounsaturated 0.03 grams
Polyunsaturated 0.08 g
Omega-3 0 g
Omega-6 0.08 g